Pennsic War

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This is a family oriented tribe dedicated to all the fun of Pennsic. Come share and reconnect with your friends. For those that just can’t wait until next war, get your fix here. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Jarvinia Leyna
Pennsic Medallions  topic
Back again  topic
Pennsic Crossfit?  topic
Ok, who is left?  topic
folding x chair  topic
What Would make a Perfect Pennsic for you?  topic
Swimming hole(s) situation?  topic
Hope you had a great Pennsic!  topic
Burning ban?  topic
Weather forecast  topic
Packing has started!  topic
Ice and water minion  topic
Pennsic Twelve Steppers?  topic
Pre-reg problems  topic
An Open Letter to Cooper's: What the Frack?  topic
Celtic musicians at Pennsic?  topic
Memorial Ship  topic
renting supplies?  topic
Come all ye Known World Courtesans!!  topic
Motorcycle Parking at Pennsic  topic
We need a camp!  topic
Ride Needed From Florida  topic
Reasonable tent size for Pennsic  topic
R.I.P. Saint Gar  topic
Want to get Married  topic

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