Be warned if you travel through Virginia........

topic posted Mon, July 23, 2007 - 9:37 PM by  Euliquia
In case you do not know, haven't been keeping up with the Commonwealth has passed a new law, and it's pretty ugly......and getting challenged in courts.

It's calledthe "Driver Responsibility Law", or something to that effect.

Your choice of price ranges start from $350 to $3000.

Many Virginians are trying to get it appealed, but so far they've handed out a lot of tickets. Advice? Use the speed limit, wear your seat belt, and don't cut people off, they are looking for you cause it benefits VDOT!

Just be very cautious driving through my mundane homeland, they are out there, waiting..........seen 'em!

As one friend of mine said, that lives closer to DC than I, "You'd hate the Beltway, they aren't even going 50!, they are crazy, and a hazard!"

So if you travel north to war, take heed, Virginia wants you! Financially.
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  • Also note that this only applies to Virginia residents. Quoted from article

    As if to confirm the revenue-raising goal, the fines are earmarked for transportation projects, and are to be applied only to Virginia residents on Virginia roads.

    Now I need to get an out of state address/id

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